Feminism Up: Issue #3

Pinch punch first of the month, sign up for Feminism Up issue #3 (for free!) and no returns! Feminism Up is the newsletter that encourages EVERYONE talk about feminism, sexism and equality, aiming for everyone to share their experiences in the newsletter and/or on the Instagram feed. Feminism Up wants to encourage as many people as possible to call themselves a feminist. You can sign up for the newsletter HERE, follow the Instagram HERE or Twitter HERE or contact me with any articles, ideas or questions at feminismup@outlook.com! You’ll receive issue #2 if you sign up before 8pm (GMT); if not, you can enjoy issue #3 with a cuppa whenever you like! Today, after discussing the brilliant articles in this month’s issue, I thought I’d talk about the people and things that influenced me to name myself a feminist.

FU3 (1).jpgIssue #3, like the other two issues, brings a collection of thoughts about sexism and feminism together in the most brilliant way. I’m super proud of it and the wonderful pieces the guest writers have written. Brooke (from over at The Coffee is Calling– go check her out!) has written about feminist books and how there is no “right” way to be a feminist. She also includes a fabulous reading list for those wanting to read up on feminism and I will certainly be dipping in and out of it! Next, my friend Sarah has written a brilliant piece about body expectations and why we need rid everyone of the weight of them. Marianne has explored subconscious sexism through highlighting lazy utterances from men and women alike that leave her feeling deflated. I promise you’ll read the post thinking, “I’ve heard that before.” Laura has written about why feminism is entirely compatible with her faith- a read I find massively interesting!

In my first piece I investigate Benefit’s new and terrible advert, “Skip class not concealer” as well as a few others that have caught my eyeliner-winged eye since. I will be posting this article over on the blog tomorrow because make-up and feminism has always been a topic that has interested me. My second piece explores gender expectations and a few that have been held against me; a few set utterances I have been a victim of, just because of the societal construct that is gender.

FemUp3.jpgAs I wrote in issue #1, the f word was (and still is) an icky word; a frightening word we should all leave in the history books. I knew years and years before I finally popped the letter F after my name (the easiest qualification one could ever achieve) that I admired the suffragettes and I believed in and wanted to promote equality. But something (called society) made me feel uneasy about the movement and, in turn, ignored it. Ignorance is bliss and all that. Towards the end of secondary school I felt quietly confident that I was everything a feminist stands for; by the end of sixth form I would call myself a feminist if it came up in conversation. After watching Emma Watson, Carrie Hope Fletcher talk about feminism as well as other YouTubers and reading How to be a Woman by Caitlin Moran, I was ready to chat. *Claps for past Kat.* It’s about time.

Whether we’ve all noticed or not or if we’ve even cared or not, I believe everyone has been the subject of sexism at least a handful of times. At least. When I was younger, I found it funny that we’d learn about the suffragettes, my history teachers celebrating their efforts even though the movement seemed frozen in time. I found it funny we’d analyse and roll our eyes at adverts from way back when that displayed product promotion at the expense of women, but I was also getting told by my peers that I belonged in the kitchen- a “joke” that’s so tired and old and yet shrugged off (I have never not shrugged it off) repeatedly. Left, right and centre I was being sent conflicting messages.

While I try not to push the label “feminist” and prefer the belief is understood first and foremost (even if the aim of the newsletter is to spread the term), I so (hopefully not naively) believe we could all benefit from this term that can capture any person’s version of feminism. I began using the term “feminist” and talking more about the movement because why not have a HQ for all of our thoughts, worries and experiences? Please let me know any thoughts you have about the newsletter if you do sign up! And if you’d be interested in writing a piece (for the newsletter and/or Instagram) I really would love it if you got in touch! If not, in the mean time, feminism up!

~ Kat ~


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