The All Kicking and Splashing Workout

When I excitedly tell a friend that I will be attending my local Aquafit class on a particular evening, I’m greeted with the same response: I bet it’s full of older ladies and pregnant women. I’d be lying if I wasn’t expecting this to be the case when I first tried out the class. Of course it wouldn’t have mattered if the stereotype was true but I can confirm that it is, in fact, not true. I wasn’t sure what to expect from the class itself when I stepped into the pool early last month but, long story short, I’ve been once a week since.

Upon returning home from university this year I decided that I wanted to up my swimming game whilst also having a gym membership. For this reason I chose to sign up for the all-inclusive membership. Although people gasp at the monthly price, I have more than made my money back and a weekly class has definitely allowed this to be the case. Aquafit does me the world of good. You feel silly in the most fun kind of way. And *shock horror* you feel it. 

My mum has been injured for the last few months and since Aquafit is tagged as the perfect exercise for those who are injured, we knew the class was for us. Even if this is one of its main selling points (alongside a really brilliant selection of fitness benefits), it doesn’t mean that it’s not amazingly challenging. While the instructor demonstrates at the pool side, we amusingly struggle to keep up- the water naturally stopping us from being quite as speedy as them. From running to punching to side stepping, you immediately feel the brilliant struggle. Many exercises in our class also involves noodle water floats which assist exercises that more than make you feel the water resistance. It feels just as challenging – sometimes more challenging – than exercises I do in the gym that target the same areas!

When reading up about Aquafit before heading to the pool, I read an article that insisted it beats other workout classes because people can’t see what you’re doing- if you mess up, it’s all good! This is often the case which removes any WHAT IS HAPPENING anxiety. However, the instructor did once correct something I was doing which makes me question just how terribly I was carrying out that particular exercise! The workout class is just under an hour’s worth of fun, though. Rain or shine I feel as though I’m on holiday, giggling away in the pool while mum and I feel the burn, simultaneously questioning if we are doing anything at all right.

To conclude: Aquafit is stupidly fun and amazingly rewarding. Being in the pool relaxes my whole being (so zen). With a layer of dancing, punching and kicking, it’s easy to understand its popularity. If you’re wondering whether you should attend your local class or have never heard of it before, I more than recommend it. Workout classes can provide such quality social time and it’s awesome to have an hour a week with my mum, splashing and laughing on a Tuesday or a Thursday evening!

~ Kat ~


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