A Run with a View | Port de Pollenca

We don’t typically associate exercise with holiday. We go on a few more walks than normal but as soon as we’ve arrived back at Holiday HQ we’re looking forward to a few beers and a lot of tapas. And there is nothing wrong with that. While we wind down in the humid holiday heat, the much cooler morning will be promising to arrive and slipping on your trainers as the blue sky is already ready and waiting will be far more inviting than you might first assume.  I have aimed to run everywhere I visit. I haven’t entirely stuck to it, but on my holiday to Mallorca a couple of weeks ago, I did. It was wonderful and made me want to write about why you should run on holiday. Spoiler: I’m going to preach about why you just must run on holiday…


  1. Feeling fresh – Although running on a hangover has been proven to be a bad idea (among other reasons, it dehydrates you further- not good!), if you’ve had a pretty chilled evening in terms of the infamous holiday boozing, it could make you feel super fresh to start the day with a run! I go from feeling holiday groggy (I seem to just want way more sleep than I ever need at home when on holiday) to feeling pumped to get the next sunny day on the road.
  2. Happy and healthy – Along with feeling relaxed, making the most of the wonderful fruit abroad and making a few healthy choices here and there, running is going to make your body give you a round of applause. And it’s a good idea to let it praise you a few times on holiday.
  3. Adventure time – As I often insist this, I’ll insist again: It’s such a brilliant way to explore a place. You might find a few restaurants you want to try out, a quieter slice of beach and that ice cream flavour you’ve been waiting to try all week (just me?). The best way to get to know a place is by foot. Change up the walking for a run for one or two mornings during your stay!
  4. An early start – If you want to beat the intense midday onward heat like most of us, you’re gonna kick off your day pretty early. If you want to spend the day exploring, reading and finding the best food, a day inspired by an early morning run is a wonderful idea.
  5. That after-run dip – When your sprint finish is greeted by a delicious dip in the water, it will be confirmed that you could never regret a run on holiday. Whether you simply walk around, have a paddle or make it a full on biathlon, the water cools you down tremendously; and those endorphins, I believe, love your choices even more!

HolidaayPort de Pollenca provided us with the tastiest views. It was around about 30 degrees at seven o’clock and Aaron and I enjoyed the challenge. We ran all along the bay, finding new places to drink cocktails and headed all the way along to where I stayed seven years ago. Nostalgia flooded in and I smiled remembering little parts that make up the very lovely area of Mallorca. As runners, we were far from alone. They whizzed past us as we gulped our water too quickly and dreamt of breakfast. Shortly after holiday I surprised Aaron with a gift that revealed he is to run the Edinburgh half marathon with me next year. I’m just the worst loveliest girlfriend. It was fun to run alongside him for the first time in for ever, without him knowing that’ll it’ll become a regular occurrence as we train for 10 more miles than we ran that morning soon enough!

I’m a big believer in shoving some trainers in your suitcase (or popping them on for the flight for weight purposes). Get the whole family out or drag along your friend. You’ll laugh at the sweat dripping off of your forehead while fellow runners who are used to it look as if they have their own air con system. But it’ll all feel well worth it in the end!

~ Kat ~


2 thoughts on “A Run with a View | Port de Pollenca

  1. Mackenzie says:

    YES, GIRL! You naileddd this. I love working out on vacations because it totally gets me energized and excited for the day to come. Plus it is such a great way to explore and work up an appetite for the delicious food! And with the after dip—- AMEN TO THAT. When I visit my family in Northern Michigan in the summers, one of my favorite things would be to get in a hard run in the hills and heat and jump in with all my running clothes on after in their lake. Such a blast!!!

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