Feminism Up: Issue #7

Feminism Up: Issue #7 is going to be popping up in subscribers’ inboxes at half nine tomorrow night (GMT)! Feminism Up is my little project that aims to tackle sexism and inequality in a way that also encourages the movement of feminism. Alongside a Feminism Up Twitter and Instagram account, I release a monthly online newsletter which includes two pieces written by me and a handful of articles written by fabulous guest writers. If you are interested in having a read, you can sign up HERE! If you sign up before half nine tomorrow night you will also receive issue #6!

Feminism Up Issue 7.jpgTom has written about cat-calling; an article, I think, is interesting to read as it’s from a man’s perspective! I decided I wanted the Twitter movement, #MeToo (a hashtag that inspired so many to come forward with their experiences of sexual harassment), to feature somehow in a Feminism Up newsletter. I had a couple of entries from readers and asked a few friends if they wanted to get involved too. Eirlys, however, wrote a huge #MeToo that I could not cut down to a small paragraph. For this reason her #MeToo is its own article that precedes the #MeToo article. This piece includes small paragraphs of readers’ experiences with sexual harassment. They’re horrifying and showcase just how frequently sexual harassment takes place.

My first post is called “How to be Ladylike.” After hearing the word “ladylike” more often than usual in the last month or so, it inspired me to write a sarcastic “how to” article. Although tongue and cheek (I’ve personally had the word directed at me a lot over the years!), it highlights some really cutting truths about our society. Or at least, I like to think so. Since issue #7 falls in December, I wanted to review one of my favourite feminism-inspired books, Like a Girl by Barcella. I think it’s the perfect gift to sit under the Christmas tree and I tell readers why in this issue!

I am posting the issue #7 summary today instead of tomorrow as December first begins the start of Blogmas! I’m super excited to be taking part in the daily blogging challenge that encourages bloggers to post festive content all the way up until Christmas Eve/Day! So, in less than a day, Binging on Beetroot is about to get very festive!

Until then, Feminism Up! ❤

~ Kat ~

New York from my Favourite Points of View

When you only have to walk five steps outside of your hotel to see a show-stopping high-rise or take a subway to wonder around the magnificent Central Park, it’s easy to come across a hundred dollar views every day when you’re in New York. It’s not even unreasonable to seek for un-city-like views when you begin your adventure in The Big Apple. My favourite views were a mixture of sights from up high to sights from the ground. New York has a lot to offer and today I wanted to document my five favourite views in New York.

Empire State View Edit.jpg

Empire State Building

One of the most tourist-packed destinations in New York offers the most stunning view. The 360 degree view dances and sings; showing us New York is exactly what the movies say it is. Grand, busy and never lonely. I struggled to peel myself away from the windy deck when we knew it was time to leave. Lights glisten from down below and shout even louder as evening falls upon New York. The city that never sleeps; the city that never shuts down. And I’m very glad about that.


Central Park

We only got to explore a segment of the most famous park in the world, Central Park. What we did see, however, was incredible. From the remainder of autumn hanging on to New York with all of its might, to the skyline Central Park offers shyly, we made the most of our time at the beautiful Central Park. I’d have returned every single day if we had the time.


Manhattan Skyline

I couldn’t tear my eyes away from the Manhattan skyline on our journey from New York to Liberty Island. I was so happy to be reunited with it again once we stepped onto the island and had a wander around. The city of high-rises creates such a breathtaking view that you nearly forget you’re standing right next to the Statute of Liberty. Okay, not quite; she is beautiful.

Tarryn Times Square Edit

Times Square

We visited Times Square nearly every single day of our trip; more than once on most days. Despite spending so much time there, I felt like a child every time we stepped off of the subway and headed into the bright lights. Never ever quiet, Times Square will always be one of the best sights I’ve ever seen!


The Streets of New York

Although it is mostly swarms of yellow taxis, sirens and flashing lights, New York doesn’t showcase city everywhere you go. Sometimes you catch a sweet-looking corner hiding ever so slightly from the greatness of the city. These were the times that encouraged me to think about living in New York. A lot of city and a bit of quiet. Ah, New York!

Have you been to New York? What were your favourite sights?

~ Kat ~

19 Adventures in New York

As is obvious from the plethora of blog posts about New York recently, a couple of weeks ago I spent five days in The Big Apple with my friend, Tarryn. It was such an amazing holiday; fast-paced but unable to be any other speed when we may not ever return. *Looks sadly ahead.* We’d often proclaim that we may as well be locals; hopping on and off of the subway quickly and blending easily into the city crowds. I think we really experienced a proper New York adventure and I’ve outlined nineteen (nineteen because it’s the name of one of Tegan and Sara’s most popular songs- the reason why we went to New York in the first place) ways in which we did below.

me new york2I lived like a New Yorker/a tourist in New York by…

  1. Drinking Bud in a bar
  2. Seeing a show
  3. Eating cheesecake in Times Square
  4. Getting in a yellow taxi
  5. Walking routes instead of catching the Subway
  6. (Briefly) watching some NFL
  7. Experiencing the bitter cold of New York City
  8. Seeing the city become brighter as night fell from the top of the Empire State Building
  9. Walking aimlessly around Central Park
  10. Drinking a Manhattan Cocktail
  11. Finishing an evening in a very American bar
  12. Becoming a lover of Laffy Taffy
  13. Becoming a fan of Jolly Ranchers
  14. Eating a beef burger and fries
  15. Eating macaroni and cheese
  16. Picking up a slice of pizza from Sbarro
  17. Loving and hating the busyness of the city
  18. Thinking every building was the block of flats featured in Friends
  19. Going to Macy’s (and feeling entirely overwhelmed by the experience)

It’s easy to picture yourself living in New York when you’re wondering around, thinking you look like a local despite sporting a rucksack and a camera. It’s been nearly two weeks since we’ve arrived home but I still feel holiday blues when I flick through photos and remember the view from the top of the Empire State Building. There really is no place like New York!

~ Kat ~

Men Matter | Feminism Up

November 19th 2015: Another International Men’s Day; another Men Vs. Women 24 hours. I was in a lecture hall on this particular International Men’s Day and in the midst of an argument with a friend. An argument where I chose to dismiss International Men’s Day and, therefore, inadvertently dismiss men’s issues. Something I didn’t intend to do but, in hindsight, something I can appreciate I did do in my many anger-fuelled speeches.

“It’s as insulting as an International White Person’s Day.”

“Us women are disadvantaged BECAUSE of men.”

“Eugh, male privilege.”

I fist-pumped the air upon reading an article that justified my frustration towards the day that celebrated men- because, for goodness sake, every day is an International Men’s Day, isn’t it?! And what did I do? I sent the very article to my friend, of course. Even though the debate was long over. *Face palms repeatedly.*

While I do believe it has to be acknowledged why feminism focuses predominantly on women, my feminism has always supported everyone. Yet, in rolling my eyes in the face of International Men’s Day, I was silencing male soldiers with PTSD and the young boy with the passion for ballet in a society telling him to hang up his dancing shoes. I was saying “I don’t want to listen” to the male victims of domestic abuse as well as male rape victims. I was putting aside the inequality men face when it comes to parental rights; I was shrugging at the gay men who are too fearful to live the life they desire.

Last month I was working an evening shift and was ready to take payment from a couple made up of one female and one male. I stretched my arm towards the man, pin machine ready for the transaction. “Oh no,” he said. “I’m not paying.” I felt my insides squirm. Some kind of societal assumption fuelled my actions; actions that were particularly stupid as the woman was the one who asked for the bill. Although I’ve probably beaten myself up over this occasion a little too much, it showcases something important. Even though I always want to pay my own way, in one moment of foolishness, I succumbed to social expectations. Maybe I’m reading too much into it, but did I simply assume the male in this couple was the breadwinner? While the concept of the male breadwinner has become fairly outdated, the notion definitely still exists. Even silly actions such as mine last month need correcting with the help of International Men’s Day.

November is also a month where men all over the world grow themselves a moustache in the name of men’s issues. Movember brilliantly tackles the silence surrounding men’s issues and there are plenty of ways for everyone to get involved. I’ve recently had my eyes opened to how frequently men dismiss health issues- mental and physical. Men feel they must “man up” and avoid the doctors at all costs. Nothing is too big or too scary for men not to cope with alone. The Movember movement and International Men’s Day importantly contribute to challenging the archaic notion that men should not speak about their problems.

I, for one, am championing a feminism that strives for equality for all. That means promoting important issues men are facing all over the world this November 19th. In the name of feminism, this November 19th, promote International Men’s Day in some way, shape or form. Promote a mental health charity on Twitter or simply give your brother a hug. Ensure, too, that you’re standing with everyone every day; not just on November 19th. Men matter and I’m sorry, Callum, for arguing profusely against your entirely just points. Below I have left some important male-focused charities for your attention.

Campaign Against Living Miserably – CALM is working towards preventing male suicide; the biggest killer of men under 45 in the UK.

Survivors – With counselling, group work and helpline services, Survivors aims to help men who have been sexually abused.

ManKind Initiative – ManKind Initiative looks to help male domestic abuse victims via a helpline for men all across the UK.

I wrote this article for issue #6 of my little project, Feminism Up. You can subscribe HERE if you’d like to check out the newsletter that aims to tackle sexism and inequality and, in turn, promote feminism. Each newsletter includes two articles written by me and a handful of guest writers’ thoughts. If you’d like to contribute, please comment below! I decided to publish this article over on the blog today because today is International Men’s Day! As explained in the piece above, I used to not advocate this celebration but it is an entirely necessary date and I hope you celebrate a boy or man in your life today! ❤

~ Kat ~

P.S. The final instalment of my New York online diary will be live later on today (6pm!) if you’re interested! ❤

Broadway: The Play That Goes Wrong Review

Earlier today I wrote about our third day in New York and decided one activity from day three was worthy of a post entirely of its own. This post has interrupted my day-by-day travel diary, but the last entry will be with the blog tomorrow (which will actually follow an extra blog post that’ll be published at 9am!). Last week,one of my dreams came true when Tarryn and I headed to the Lyceum theatre to purchase tickets for the hilarious The Play That Goes Wrong. I got myself dressed up in my favourite trousers and new sparkly top, so very ready to experience a Broadway show.

Ticketssss.jpgThe Play That Goes Wrong is the story of a truly terrible drama society. With constant set mishaps and silly actors that go along with the ride, the characters are quite the squad; messing up lines, being the unfortunate victims of broken props and making the audience laugh for all of the wrong reasons. The show is laugh-out-loud funny and inexplicably smart.

I have been a fan of The Play That Goes Wrong since last Christmas. One of their performances, Peter Pan Goes Wrong, was shown on television. The Play That Goes Wrong is undoubtedly and hilariously clever and it made me giggle all the way through; it made my eyes widen at the sillyness of it all. When Tarryn and I decided we were heading to New York, The Play That Goes Wrong was one of my top picks. I am so glad we got to see the show in the Big Apple.

Theatre the playThis version of The Play That Goes Wrong that shows in New York takes on The Murder at Haversham Manor (a hybrid of Monty Python and Sherlock Holmes). And it takes it on utterly terribly- in the most brilliant way. I wondered if the kind of humour in the show would work well with, I assume, a mostly American audience. Yet, everyone around me howled with laughter, uttering amusements under their breath. The show was absolutely fantastic; the cast put on a 10/10 show that gave the audience the kind of light-relief we all need, what with all that’s going on around us right now.

The show’s storyline battles with everything going wrong, making it like a tennis match to watch. You simply don’t know where to look; constantly looking from one disaster to another. The show is awesome and I bet it will soon take on the world- and do so in the worst way possible when it does!If you’re in New York, I completely recommend checking out The Play That Goes Wrong. It’s one of the cheaper shows to buy tickets for; one of the easier ones to get tickets for. That doesn’t, however, mean it isn’t a total phenomenon. Because it really, really is.

~ Kat ~

How to Write a Practical To-Do List

Recently I have been quite boastful when it comes to my organisation. I was once not the organisational obsessive I am now. I think this is why I am so proud of my completed to-do lists and intricate packing lists; for a while there (twenty years or so, to be precise) I was a disorganised mess.* For the last year my organisation game has been strong and the main reason for this comes down to my trusty to-do lists. Let me share with you a few tips for those of you drowning in to-do lists accompanied by unticked boxes (my BIGGEST nightmare).

todo list

Get yourself a HQ for your to-do lists

Scrap pieces of paper are messy; messy list, messy mind; fact (Kat: 2017). I highly recommend a diary to be your HQ for to-do lists because you can merge both appointments and to-dos. If, however, you simply use a notepad, my tips will still translate effectively.

The Seven day to-do list

I write to-do lists for every day of the week on the Sunday before the to-do list show is on the road. By this point, like most, I know what’s going on in the week and can allow for spaces in my time that can be filled up with other to-dos. Let me explain…


The “must dos” have to take priority. Like everyone uses a diary, I use mine to write down what I’m up to. If you’re not using a diary as your to-do list HQ then just ensure your to-do list allows for what you’re getting up to on whatever day. So, firstly, write down set in stone appointments you have to make (and no, that doesn’t include staying up to catch free delivery from your favourite site with Netflix on in the background). These kind of things include work, school, deadlines and dentist appointments. It also includes fun things like weddings, parties and going out with your nan. It may not, however, include a pub trip with your friends.

The less important but still important to-dos

So now we’re not thinking about where we need to be, we’re thinking about what needs to get done. We’re ignoring time taken up because of work and events we’ve known about for a while now. We’re talking deadlines we set ourselves or deadlines that aren’t as terrifying as, for example, an essay hand in. Below I have written a brief and definitely not all-inclusive list of my personal examples:

  • Book train tickets
  • Send off invoice
  • Revise for theory test
  • Schedule a blog post
  • Go for a ten mile run

The easy to-dos

Easy to-dos are activities that take up less time or activities that are simply fun. And the fun stuff must be more than allowed for. Even organised obsessives like to have fun. Easy to-dos can also be light relief for when the must-dos get difficult. The easy to-dos range from putting the washing on, ironing clothes, ordering presents online and going to the pub in the evening. I’ve previously been laughed at for writing my social life on a to-do list but, considering what I’m up to that day, guides how much and what is on my to-do list. See below for more info.

The organisation tips

Now we’re onto how we should organise the list. The REALLY fun part. Let me break this down into subheadings. (You are welcome.)

Organise around other activities: The must-dos take precedent, naturally. Use these responsibilities, appointments or events to work out what to-dos you can set yourself in a day or how much is physically possible.

Set yourself a particular amount of to-dos a day: If you plan a week in advance like I do, you can ensure the must-dos are spread out across the week. This way your lists feel super practical. Maybe have a set amount of to-dos each day; a particular amount of must dos, less important to-dos and easy to-dos.

Give yourself a rest day: Like you’re advised to take on rest days when it comes to exercise, make sure some days are filled with nothing to do- or next to nothing, at least. For me, my nothing day is Sunday.

Do you love to-do lists as much as me? Or do you hate them? Either way, I know ticking off every box on my to-do list is the most fulfilling feeling ever.

~ Kat ~

* I’d like to clarify that you can definitely be organised and not have the tidiest of rooms. Yes, mum, it’s true. Why? Because I said so, okay?!

Gift Guide: Three Little Books

While searching for a particular book the other day, I opened a box full of old books I’d forgotten about. Three little stories caught my eye and nostalgia fuelled my grin. Every now and then I consider taking all of my books to a car boot sale. Then I pick up books such as these three and I feel guilty for even thinking such a thing. There are definitely a few books I need to take down to a charity shop but when I saw these front covers, it was as if I was transported back to being sat on my bed years ago… But then that could have been because I was actually sat on my bed in present day.

IMG_4779.JPGStargirl by Jerry Spinelli

This bright pink novel is a story of nonconformity every young person needs to read. I read it at about fifteen years old but I wish I read it years before! Leo is twelve years old and our protagonist for a hundred or so pages. One day Stargirl joins Leo’s high school and everyone is bemused by her strange behaviour. She arrives at school in subversive outfits every day and sings Happy Birthday to any student who is celebrating their birthday. Leo watches her become the popular girl; soon the two of them are an item. This little book tells us of another high school story and about the positive impact a little bit of different can bring.

All My Friends are Superheroes by Andrew Kaufman

This little book isn’t aimed at younger people but its charm definitely gave me a similar feeling to what Stargirl and Escape from Shangri-La gave me. All My Friends are Superheroes tells the story of an unlikely bunch of characters. Tom is no superhero but those around him are. At his wedding, his soon-to-be wife, the Perfectionist, is hypnotised by her ex-boyfriend to believe Tom was invisible. The Perfectionist believes Tom has left her when he was right beside her all along. This little book is not only adorable but filled with the kind of metaphors that make me squeal with bookish excitement.

Escape from Shangri-La by Michael Morpurgo

I LOVED Michael Morpurgo’s books when I was younger but this tale was my favourite of his. A man is outside young Cessie’s home and she soon finds out he is her grandfather she’s never met. After he experiences a stroke, she tries to help her Popsicle remember his past. The story, of course, escalates but we fall in love with Cessie’s relationship with her granddad and root for them both.

I really recommend all three of these books. All three gave me that kind of cosy feeling we all love to find within books. I find it weird we distance ourselves from books and films and other such things that made us so wholly happy when we were younger. I intend on re-reading these three books for this very reason!

~ Kat ~

P.S. If you’d like to read a few more of my book recommendations, I have left some reading material for you below:

Feminism Up: Issue #6

Feminism Up has officially been running for half a year. *Releases party poppers by self in room.* Feminism Up is my passion project that aims to tackle sexism and inequality and, in turn, promote feminism. The main event, if you like, is the newsletter which is released on every first of the month. You can sign up to the newsletter HERE, and/or follow Feminism Up’s Twitter and Instagram! Today I am talking you through issue #6; the issue that talks a lot about men’s issues, among other topics.

Men matter.jpgThis month’s issue includes four wonderful guest writers. After my first article, Charlotte writes a piece about her ambition and desire to be a leader. She discusses the problems she’s encountered because she’d be met with hostility when she’d voice her aims. It’s a really relatable article for many girls and women! Tom (who has written for Feminism Up before) writes about his illness being labelled as “man-flu.” It certainly encourages us to rethink our language and how detrimental our words really can be. The awesome Anna writes about feminism and film; a poignant piece about how women suffer in the industry. The final guest writer, Callum (who has written for Feminism Up before too) has written a fantastic script. I don’t want to spoil too much because I didn’t know too much about it before I read it, and I grinned all the way through it. Yay, Feminism Up’s first script!

My first piece involves an admission of guilt. I used to really resent International Men’s Day, which takes place on November 19th. I speak about this and why, actually, International Men’s Day is more than important. In my final piece I review Reasons to Stay Alive by Matt Haig. I’ve written about this book before here on the blog and I don’t think I’ll ever stop. It tells us of Matt Haig’s struggle with mental health and it’s a must read… for everyone.

If this sounds like something you’d be interested to read, I’d more than encourage you to subscribe. I adore the articles and would love to hear some feedback. If you’d like to contribute then please send me a message! I’d be super interested to chat to you!

If you remember one thing this November, remember how important men’s issues are. Go check out Movember and maybe even donate! Hug your brother or your dad or your friend this International Men’s Day. It’s important that we all aspire to make feminism and all-inclusive movement. A movement for everybody.  ❤

~ Kat ~