The Terry’s Christmas Itinerary | Blogmas #4

Dear December Fourth,

I may be twenty-one years old but as soon as you cut the red ribbon to kickstart your lovely month, I still feel the kind of magic I felt when I was much younger. I feel a sprinkle of fondness that can’t be replaced when I think about previous Christmas Days. Our December twenty-fifth isn’t all that different to how it used to be but my family’s Christmas itinerary was once very set in stone. Today I am going to walk you through how our magical twenty-four hours would play out.


05:00-06:00: My eyes would wake, Christmas opening them with its festive touch. I would quietly open my door, pausing for a moment to have a sneak peak at the presents poking out of my stocking. Not wanting to wait a second longer, I would grab the stocking and tip-toe along to my brother’s room. I’d slowly open his door, peak my head around and, depending on whether he was already awake or not, I’d wake him up. “It’s Christmas!” I’d whisper loudly.

06:00-06:30: After my brother had his stocking placed in front of him too, we’d look at each other knowingly. Within seconds, our presents were all around us. Unopened; teasing. We’d muse over similar-looking gifts and always find the chocolate coins. We’d chat excitedly and maybe play a game of Star Wars Battlefront 2. Before long my parents would let us know that they were awake too- fully aware that we were ready and waiting.

06:30: Into our parent’s room we would bundle; stockings and presents for each other and our parents in our hands. Soon we’d be nursing a cup of tea before we childishly tore open Christmassy wrapping paper that would reveal Matey Bubble Bath, games and snowmen chocolate lollies. My brother and I would give out our gifts and we’d open them at different times; like a Christmassy show and tell.

07:30-08:00: It was time for the big reveal. We’d creep downstairs, ahead of our parents. The glow of the Christmas tree being the only light saying hello from the living room. One step at a time, we’d make our way to the living room, ensuring that my brother and I saw Christmas Day’s version of the Christmas tree for the first time, together. There really is nothing like seeing the Christmas tree for the first time on December twenty-fifth. My parents would exchange gifts and pick out particular presents from Santa for my brother and me.

08:30: The Christmas Day Menu has always begun with a fry up. Bacon, sausages, tomatoes, mushrooms (back then they would stay clear of my plate!), scrambled egg, fried egg, toast and a slice of fried toast. Once washed down with an orange juice and a cup of tea, back to the Christmas tree we would go.

09:30: The day would always unfold quietly; with a happy yawn and childish hands. We’d shower with new smellies and maybe change into an outfit bought for the day, or into a gift we’d discovered under the tree. With no agenda, we’d begin new books, play with new games and spend a few hours eating chocolate and doing absolutely nothing- in the best kind of way.

13:00: By one o’clock Christmas dinner preparation would be very much underway. With Christmas music on or new CDs playing, my parents would peel, chop, boil and roast our Christmas dinner. Turkey, stuffing, pigs in blankets, roast potatoes, carrots, parsnips, Brussels sprouts and cauliflower cheese would be getting ready for the big reveal.

14:00-15:30: A prawn cocktail would begin the feast- back then I wouldn’t take part in this event. Soon, however, dinner would be served. My mum would present us all with giftbags (which will be explained in the twelfth letter) and then crackers would be pulled, hats popped on our heads and jokes told with glee. With a clink of our glasses, filled with fizzy pop or later on, Buck’s Fizz, dinner would begin. Our feast would be eaten slowly; laughter louder than the Christmas CD on in the background. How will we ever eat all of this?! 

16:30: But dinner would be eaten and, for now, dessert would consist of a few more presents. The afternoon would make way for evening and Christmas pudding with custard or cream for my family. For me, though, I’d enjoy a bowl of custard and cream. Bizarre but yummy, I can assure you.

18:00: Christmas evening would be celebrated with some festive TV or a game from under the tree. Soon my parents would be snoozing and maybe my brother and I would play on the PlayStation or watch a new movie. We’d snack unapologetically: Pringles, chocolate and biscuits would be munched as we wound down with Christmas Day.

We’ve always supported an uneventful Christmas Day- a lovely, uneventful day at that. Off to bed we would go, my brother and I a little glum that the jolly day was over for another year. But Boxing Day would be upon us in a few hours and we’d get to play with our new toys─and read our new annuals─again!

What’s your twenty-fifth day like, December? I like to think you get to wind down for the day too. For now, though, it’s only the third day of your month. It’s time to pop on some Christmas music and get myself ready for your day.

Lots of love, Kat ❤

P.S. Yesterday I wrote to you to talk about my favourite trousers that happen to be in your favourite colour.


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