Five Christmas Traditions | Blogmas #5

Dear December Fifth,

Christmas is a time for traditions. Some are famous for their mince-pie-making skills whereas some opt for gifting their children with Christmas Eve pyjamas every December twenty-fourth. December, everyone I know celebrates your month with a tradition or two. There’s something comforting about following festive routines while the Christmas tree sparkles and presents begin to populate beneath the branches. I’ve a few traditions I adore and I wanted to write to you today to explain.

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The Advent Calendar

This letter has to start with my mum’s magical advent calendar. She sewed our Santa’s Workshop advent calendar years and years ago. Despite being twenty-one years old and my brother, twenty-four, we would be heartbroken if our December wasn’t accompanied by our homemade advent calendar.

Christmas Puzzles

This isn’t strictly a “tradition” but I couldn’t not tell you about our Christmas puzzles, December. One Christmas Eve (the Christmas Eve I got my ears pierced, actually. But I’ll tell you about that in another letter), my mum gave us a wrapped up rectangular box as evening was about to put its “CLOSED” sign up. We were instructed to open the gift altogether. Beneath the wrapping paper was the first of our Christmas puzzles that we completed over the festive period. These puzzles are framed and dotted around the house throughout your month, December. Look out for them; I think you’ll love them as much as I do.

Star Wars Battlefront 2

Again, this isn’t the dictionary definition of a tradition, but my brother and I have certainly carried out this “tradition” more so than we haven’t. One Christmas Day gifted my brother and I with a Play Station 2; the game console I will always profess to be the best of them all. And I think it’s because of this tradition. Ever since we received this gift, our Christmastimes have felt complete with the help of Star Wars Battlefront 2. Often the week running up to Christmas involves a handful of daily games of our favourite PlayStation game. Our Christmas Eve morning also involves playing a couple games- having moved the Play Station up to my brother’s room to make sure our day would start with Yoda and Darth Maul.


A German Beer

Since living in Cardiff for university, my boyfriend and I have been partial to German-inspired pop up pubs. Whether sitting in a Christmas Wonderland or as a part of a German Christmas market, Aaron and I will always find ourselves a German beer at some point throughout December. Cheers to that!

The Couple in Matching Jumpers

This year, December, you’ll see my boyfriend and I sporting our fourth set of matching Christmas jumpers. Sometimes, when necessary, these jumpers will be accompanied with a relevant accessory, but the main event is the cheesy jumper we purchase from Primark- from our yearly November/December trip to Brighton.

I suppose you’re quite fond of Christmas traditions too, December. Your dark nights are chilly and your mornings are frosty. You give us crackling fires and gloves to hug our hands. Do you have any traditions we don’t know about, December? I know you’re busy but I’d love to know.

Love, Kat ❤

P.S. Yesterday I wrote to you about the Terry’s Christmas itinerary.

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