Self Care for Waitresses this Christmas | Blogmas #6

Dear December Sixth,

I’m a waitress. At Christmastime this means saying, “I’m so busy” is just as natural as breathing in and out. As a waitress your hours tend to increase over the festive period and your sleep goes in the other direction. Just forget altogether about Christmas shopping while you’re at it. I am enjoying the festive spirit and seven or so Christmas songs that have been on a loop in the restaurant since your first day, December. I am, however, constantly sporting tired eyes. I do think that those of us in the hospitality industry need to take care of ourselves this month. I reckon these rules would apply to you too, December. I bet your feet are killing; but I also know you won’t be complaining about it. Here’s how you can help yourself.

Waitress Blogmas

Find your bath supplies

Whether it’s when you get in at midnight or on your day off, run yourself a bath at least once a week. Being on your feet is draining; even when you’re totally used to it. Engage with some wholehearted relaxing; bubbles and all. I recommend Lush’s milky bath bubble bar- it’s my new favourite. Read and/or bring a hot chocolate to your bath but, if you feel you can, simply have a bath and focus solely on that. The soapy warm water will feel delicious after a long, long shift.

Festive up

Sometimes it can feel like you’re missing out on the festive period altogether when you’re a waitress. So set aside some time to feel festive. Whether that’s a day out at a Christmas market or wrapping Christmas presents to the sound of Elf, the festivities will help you feel merry like everybody else. Maybe even wear a Santa’s hat and feast on a box of Celebrations if it makes you feel that bit more festive. But, December, save the Malteser truffles for me.

Switch off before bed

Getting home from work so late can mess up your sleeping pattern in more ways than one. I’m sure you know that, December. Even when you’re getting into your bed as soon as you get home, your brain is still working and you might feel tempted to scroll through your phone and, in turn, disrupt your resting time even further. Wind down properly and try and spend your last chunk of time awake without your phone.

Use your day off wisely

December, we just have to take our days off with both hands. Have a dreamy sleep, cook a yummy breakfast and go out for dinner with friends or bake to Christmas music or have a movie evening with your partner. Otherwise, before long, your day off will be over and you’ll be serving Christmas parties thinking, What did I even do with my day off?! Self care means being attentive to what you feel you’re missing out on; use your day off to do what you want to do.

Pamper when you can

Working so many hours, as I’m sure you know too well, December, can make you feel a bit creaky. A bit worn. Like a toy with batteries that are close to running out. As often as possible, do what you can to look after your body. Eat your fruit and veggies, resume a solid skin routine and treat your tired nails well. You’ll feel less worn out if you’re addressing what feels worn out; your immune system, your skin and your breaking nails.

Try and do at least one of these things today, December. We’re almost a week into your month and I just bet you’re feeling a little sleepy; even though you most certainly still have a bright smile painted onto your face. Have a wonderful, full of self care kind of day, December!

Love, Kat ❤

P.S. Yesterday I wrote about five of my favourite Christmas traditions.


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