How to Sleep Bett-Zzz…

In the last six months my sleep and I have been on quite the journey. After beginning to work at a restaurant in August I was reminded of what I experienced the summer before when I worked at a pub. It was less severe back then but when I would sleep I would wake up, believe I was a work and, as I like to put it, I… slept-worked. I’ve spent the last six months “pulling pints,” “cleaning tables,” “talking to my colleagues” and “welcoming guests into the restaurant (my room)” at anywhere from 12am-4am each night after work. All the while I was totally aware I was doing it.


As funny as it is (and it IS funny), I remember checking my phone one night and I’d spent an hour “waiting to be told what to do” by a colleague. I would, naturally, wake up feeling far from rested. I’d retell the story to friends amused and entirely frustrated that my sleep was interrupted by something I couldn’t seem to control. Very recently, however, it’s eased. I sleep-work sometimes (last night’s sleep was interrupted by one of these episodes) but it’s relatively rare now. Today I want to share with you a few of the things I did in an attempt to magic my weird sleep habits away, as well as things I do now to make the most of my normally uninterrupted sleep. Here are a few things I do or benefit from when I do do to sleep better.

How to sleep better

  1. Prepare for your next day. If you’re going to the gym in the morning or waking up to go to work, have your workout or work clothes folded neatly by your bed alongside any other morning necessities. When you’re in bed, your mind will feel less clogged up with a mental list of things to do so long as you’re prepared for the day you’re waking up to.
  2. Make your bed. Maybe during the day, like I do, you chucked stuff on your bed. I totally recommend tidying away the things on your bed (not just putting them back on the floor!) and tidying your pillows and sheet. Getting into a made bed is the most exciting feeling after a day of work.
  3. Have a warm drink before bed that is, by no means, tea or coffee. Sleepy tea is always an excellent choice but warm milk or hot chocolate works brilliantly too.
  4. If applicable, mindfully take off your make up. This is a step I’ve not been best friends with for the last half a year, but it used to make such a difference at uni. Sit down with your warm drink, take off your make up and cleanse and moisturise your skin.
  5. Finish off your drink with a chapter or so in bed. Reading or writing or any wonderfully cathartic activity will soothe your mind far more than scrolling through your phone or watching a YouTube video will. Even writing a list for the next day so you don’t feel stressed is something that alleviates anything that will block a 10/10 sleep.

Have you got any sleeping tips and tricks?

~ Kat ~


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