Five Christmas Traditions | Blogmas #5

Dear December Fifth,

Christmas is a time for traditions. Some are famous for their mince-pie-making skills whereas some opt for gifting their children with Christmas Eve pyjamas every December twenty-fourth. December, everyone I know celebrates your month with a tradition or two. There’s something comforting about following festive routines while the Christmas tree sparkles and presents begin to populate beneath the branches. I’ve a few traditions I adore and I wanted to write to you today to explain.

Blogmas #5 (1).jpg

The Advent Calendar

This letter has to start with my mum’s magical advent calendar. She sewed our Santa’s Workshop advent calendar years and years ago. Despite being twenty-one years old and my brother, twenty-four, we would be heartbroken if our December wasn’t accompanied by our homemade advent calendar.

Christmas Puzzles

This isn’t strictly a “tradition” but I couldn’t not tell you about our Christmas puzzles, December. One Christmas Eve (the Christmas Eve I got my ears pierced, actually. But I’ll tell you about that in another letter), my mum gave us a wrapped up rectangular box as evening was about to put its “CLOSED” sign up. We were instructed to open the gift altogether. Beneath the wrapping paper was the first of our Christmas puzzles that we completed over the festive period. These puzzles are framed and dotted around the house throughout your month, December. Look out for them; I think you’ll love them as much as I do.

Star Wars Battlefront 2

Again, this isn’t the dictionary definition of a tradition, but my brother and I have certainly carried out this “tradition” more so than we haven’t. One Christmas Day gifted my brother and I with a Play Station 2; the game console I will always profess to be the best of them all. And I think it’s because of this tradition. Ever since we received this gift, our Christmastimes have felt complete with the help of Star Wars Battlefront 2. Often the week running up to Christmas involves a handful of daily games of our favourite PlayStation game. Our Christmas Eve morning also involves playing a couple games- having moved the Play Station up to my brother’s room to make sure our day would start with Yoda and Darth Maul.


A German Beer

Since living in Cardiff for university, my boyfriend and I have been partial to German-inspired pop up pubs. Whether sitting in a Christmas Wonderland or as a part of a German Christmas market, Aaron and I will always find ourselves a German beer at some point throughout December. Cheers to that!

The Couple in Matching Jumpers

This year, December, you’ll see my boyfriend and I sporting our fourth set of matching Christmas jumpers. Sometimes, when necessary, these jumpers will be accompanied with a relevant accessory, but the main event is the cheesy jumper we purchase from Primark- from our yearly November/December trip to Brighton.

I suppose you’re quite fond of Christmas traditions too, December. Your dark nights are chilly and your mornings are frosty. You give us crackling fires and gloves to hug our hands. Do you have any traditions we don’t know about, December? I know you’re busy but I’d love to know.

Love, Kat ❤

P.S. Yesterday I wrote to you about the Terry’s Christmas itinerary.


The Terry’s Christmas Itinerary | Blogmas #4

Dear December Fourth,

I may be twenty-one years old but as soon as you cut the red ribbon to kickstart your lovely month, I still feel the kind of magic I felt when I was much younger. I feel a sprinkle of fondness that can’t be replaced when I think about previous Christmas Days. Our December twenty-fifth isn’t all that different to how it used to be but my family’s Christmas itinerary was once very set in stone. Today I am going to walk you through how our magical twenty-four hours would play out.


05:00-06:00: My eyes would wake, Christmas opening them with its festive touch. I would quietly open my door, pausing for a moment to have a sneak peak at the presents poking out of my stocking. Not wanting to wait a second longer, I would grab the stocking and tip-toe along to my brother’s room. I’d slowly open his door, peak my head around and, depending on whether he was already awake or not, I’d wake him up. “It’s Christmas!” I’d whisper loudly.

06:00-06:30: After my brother had his stocking placed in front of him too, we’d look at each other knowingly. Within seconds, our presents were all around us. Unopened; teasing. We’d muse over similar-looking gifts and always find the chocolate coins. We’d chat excitedly and maybe play a game of Star Wars Battlefront 2. Before long my parents would let us know that they were awake too- fully aware that we were ready and waiting.

06:30: Into our parent’s room we would bundle; stockings and presents for each other and our parents in our hands. Soon we’d be nursing a cup of tea before we childishly tore open Christmassy wrapping paper that would reveal Matey Bubble Bath, games and snowmen chocolate lollies. My brother and I would give out our gifts and we’d open them at different times; like a Christmassy show and tell.

07:30-08:00: It was time for the big reveal. We’d creep downstairs, ahead of our parents. The glow of the Christmas tree being the only light saying hello from the living room. One step at a time, we’d make our way to the living room, ensuring that my brother and I saw Christmas Day’s version of the Christmas tree for the first time, together. There really is nothing like seeing the Christmas tree for the first time on December twenty-fifth. My parents would exchange gifts and pick out particular presents from Santa for my brother and me.

08:30: The Christmas Day Menu has always begun with a fry up. Bacon, sausages, tomatoes, mushrooms (back then they would stay clear of my plate!), scrambled egg, fried egg, toast and a slice of fried toast. Once washed down with an orange juice and a cup of tea, back to the Christmas tree we would go.

09:30: The day would always unfold quietly; with a happy yawn and childish hands. We’d shower with new smellies and maybe change into an outfit bought for the day, or into a gift we’d discovered under the tree. With no agenda, we’d begin new books, play with new games and spend a few hours eating chocolate and doing absolutely nothing- in the best kind of way.

13:00: By one o’clock Christmas dinner preparation would be very much underway. With Christmas music on or new CDs playing, my parents would peel, chop, boil and roast our Christmas dinner. Turkey, stuffing, pigs in blankets, roast potatoes, carrots, parsnips, Brussels sprouts and cauliflower cheese would be getting ready for the big reveal.

14:00-15:30: A prawn cocktail would begin the feast- back then I wouldn’t take part in this event. Soon, however, dinner would be served. My mum would present us all with giftbags (which will be explained in the twelfth letter) and then crackers would be pulled, hats popped on our heads and jokes told with glee. With a clink of our glasses, filled with fizzy pop or later on, Buck’s Fizz, dinner would begin. Our feast would be eaten slowly; laughter louder than the Christmas CD on in the background. How will we ever eat all of this?! 

16:30: But dinner would be eaten and, for now, dessert would consist of a few more presents. The afternoon would make way for evening and Christmas pudding with custard or cream for my family. For me, though, I’d enjoy a bowl of custard and cream. Bizarre but yummy, I can assure you.

18:00: Christmas evening would be celebrated with some festive TV or a game from under the tree. Soon my parents would be snoozing and maybe my brother and I would play on the PlayStation or watch a new movie. We’d snack unapologetically: Pringles, chocolate and biscuits would be munched as we wound down with Christmas Day.

We’ve always supported an uneventful Christmas Day- a lovely, uneventful day at that. Off to bed we would go, my brother and I a little glum that the jolly day was over for another year. But Boxing Day would be upon us in a few hours and we’d get to play with our new toys─and read our new annuals─again!

What’s your twenty-fifth day like, December? I like to think you get to wind down for the day too. For now, though, it’s only the third day of your month. It’s time to pop on some Christmas music and get myself ready for your day.

Lots of love, Kat ❤

P.S. Yesterday I wrote to you to talk about my favourite trousers that happen to be in your favourite colour.

The Green Trouser Edit | Blogmas #3

Dear December Third,

You give us thirty-one days of red, gold and green. We see these colours sewn into even the most intricate details of your month. I enjoy other takes on Christmas colours; Christmas trees with silver and purple and, well, whatever the Christmas Tree Elf fancies. My brother and I decorate our tree, December. We’ve never strayed far, if at all, from your chosen colour scheme. You picked these colours once upon a time and I’m not willing to give up on them. Red, gold and green. The colours are almost a tradition for my brother and me. I think our tree would look wrong without them taking centre stage in our living room, standing proudly as lights dance around them.

IMG_4947It’s the third day of your month and I’ve already sported your merchandise twice, December. Yes, I’m talking about my trusty green trousers. I’ve always loved clothes. I’m not really a fan of shopping unless it’s part of a big day out but I love buying clothes, December. This purchase is thanks to an online browse- my favourite form of shopping. And I, like you, love green. I thought I’d tell you about these trousers today, December. They are maybe my favourite item of clothing I’ve ever owned- so much so that I intend to buy a couple more pairs of these in different colours. Sadly, though, they don’t do them in red or gold.

IMG_4952I adore these trousers like a child adores their favourite teddy bear. In fact, like I adore the teddy bear my brother bought me for my fifth birthday- Snowie, his name is. I reach for these trousers as often as possible; they’re flattering, comfy, look good with so many of my clothes and, most importantly, they’re green! Christmas’s favourite colour. What more could you or I want in an item of clothing?

ASOS provided me with my trousers that are in your favourite colour. The trousers that have been making me feel oh-so-festive over the last couple of days. They are true to size and will look Christmassy all throughout the twelfth month. These trousers can be made casual (like in the photos above) or even made fancy. For the former, I wear a t-shirt or a jumper tucked into them, with a denim shirt and a jacket. I even wore them to my internship; a shirt, blazer and brogues do the job nicely. December, you’ll no doubt see me step out into your version of a nighttime song in these; dressed with my sparkly bronze top (it sounds a bit mismatched and, to be honest, December, it is) and my favourite open-toed heeled platforms.

IMG_4943Before I type my name as a brief goodbye, December, I’ll let you know what I’m wearing with my favourite trousers here (well, similar items to what I’m wearing!):

Bomber jacket – Topshop

Stripy tee – Topshop

Grey trainers – New Look

December third, I’m excited for you. It’s the first Sunday of your month and I’ve got my green trousers on in your name. As I head out into your day, I’m intrigued to see what the month will bring. One thing for sure is that I’ll be finishing your day with a warm chocolate. I’ll write tomorrow, December.

Love, Kat ❤

P.S. I wrote to you yesterday, December. I have kept a copy of my letter for other fans of December to read, if you don’t mind.

The Christmas Guest Brunch | Blogmas #2

Dear December Second,

You’re the social month, aren’t you? While January is shy, opting for thirty-one nights in front of the TV, and August tries to compete with your busy schedule with BBQs and garden parties, you’ll always win. December is the month where our houses may be happily intruded by friends and family over the Christmas period. I don’t know if you’ll have anyone to stay this month, December, but I have a recipe to share with you. The easiest brunch recipe that will impress any guests, should you have visitors.

Blogmas Brunch 2

Ingredients | For two Christmas guests

  • 2 bagels
  • 100g smoked salmon
  • 2 eggs
  • Cream cheese
  • Butter
  • 1/4 cucumber
  • 2 handfuls of spinach
  • A couple of splashes of coconut oil
  • 1 lemon
  • Sea salt


  1. Heat a pan with coconut oil. When hot, add the two eggs.
  2. Meanwhile, slice your cucumber into about ten (or more if you like!) thin slices.
  3. Cut your two bagels in half and turn on the grill to a low heat. Pop in the bagels and turn when the first sides are just turning golden.
  4. Move the eggs to ensure they’re cooking well, grab two plates and slice the lemon in half. Pop the lemon wedges onto the two plates. Prepare accompanying drinks, whether that be fruit juice, tea or a cup of coffee.
  5. Place the two bagels on each of the plates. Butter one side on each plate; spread cream cheese over the other bagel.
  6. Place a handful of spinach on each of the buttered bagels; place the slices of cucumber on the bagels with cream cheese.
  7. Pop an egg on top of the butter and spinach bagels. Pop the salmon on top of the cream cheese and cucumber bagels.
  8. Sprinkle sea salt over both bagels.
  9. Serve!

December, this brunch will be the perfect pick-me-up after a champagne evening. It takes five minutes to make and is a healthy start to another to-do-list-fuelled December day. It’s only the second day of your chilly but cheerful month and I’m not quite recovered from the November to December transition. After a Christmas evening in my local high street last night, however, I’m certainly excited for your non-stop month. I hope you’ve enjoyed opening your eyes for another thirty-one days. Speak soon, December!

Lots of Love, Kat ❤

P.S. Yesterday I wrote you a letter to explain why your letterbox will be even more busy for the next twenty-five days!

Letters to December | Blogmas #1

Dear December First,

I am busy this month. It’s the first day of December and yet I can tell you with certainty that you are going to bring me a whole lot of hectic. But that’s what you do, isn’t it? You wave your festive wand and sprinkle a bit of busy all over the world. You’re the month of deadlines, work parties and Santa Claus. We forgive you for your chill because you comfort us with such warmth. While you might give us blue hands and freezing feet, you also give us crackling fireplaces and a blanket evening for two.

Blogmas one edited #1

A couple of months ago now a sweet relative of mine died. I sadly didn’t know her too well but, over the years, every now and then, when I would remember, we would communicate via letter. When she passed my first thought was, “I’ve been meaning to write her another letter for years.” That kind of guilt flooded through me that is always consoled with, “You cannot blame yourself for that.” You know it’s true and, for that reason, you ease a little. But regret will linger softly when I think of her. I should have written her one more letter. When I put pen to paper all those years ago and wrote the words, “Dear Auntie Rose,” the writer in me celebrated. There really is nothing like writing a letter. I guess this is why I am writing to you today.

So, although a little different this time, I’m going to write you letters, December. For the next twenty-five days. This time, however, my tools are a keyboard and a few tip-taps of its keys. I won’t ask for a response, December, but I ask that you listen to my thoughts, ideas and stories. In return I’ll make the most of your presence and try not to feel annoyance at the busyness your days bring. As I’ve recently learnt, though, busyness should never stand in the way of writing a letter. Not ever.

One last thing, before I sign off for the day, December. You bring such joy. Jolly is wrapped around every gift given and hope is felt in the festive butterflies in our bellies. We’re lucky though, aren’t we? You and me, December. You feel warmth in the cold and I feel warmth in the heating my home hugs me with. There are so many who aren’t as lucky as you and me and, in the month of December, it’s difficult to ignore those suffering in the cold; whether that be literally, metaphorically or both. It’s difficult to ignore because we know we shouldn’t ignore them. Below I have left you and I both with a few charities to explore, think about and maybe even donate to:

Crisis – Crisis aims to lend a helping hand to those who are homeless. I might be feeling your festive spirit, December, but it’s impossible to feel at all times when so many are struggling. Crisis wants to help as many of these people rebuild their lives as possible.

Age UK – I am lucky to experience Christmases surrounded by family and friends. Others are alone as Christmas songs play and shop windows sport fairy lights and Christmas trees. Age UK wants to help everyone love later life. They have a national helpline and offer older folk with a befriender to provide companionship.

NSPCC – NSPCC know that abuse “robs children of their childhood.” They work with families battling tough times, visit schools to help children understand what abuse is and carry out campaigns to raise awareness.

It’s time to cradle a cup of tea before I fetch my scarf and head out into your first day. Enjoy the limelight, December. You’ll be over in the blink of an eye but I intend to cherish you for, not just the first twenty-five days, but for the whole thirty-one. Until tomorrow, December…

Oh, and happy December!

Love, Kat ❤

P.S. These letters are very much inspired by a series Carrie Hope Fletcher shared (Letters to Autumn) a few years ago on her YouTube channel. I think her letters were inspired by Emily Diana Ruth’s Letters to July. I encourage you to check both out, December, if you’re a fan of your fellow months, of course.

Feminism Up: Issue #7

Feminism Up: Issue #7 is going to be popping up in subscribers’ inboxes at half nine tomorrow night (GMT)! Feminism Up is my little project that aims to tackle sexism and inequality in a way that also encourages the movement of feminism. Alongside a Feminism Up Twitter and Instagram account, I release a monthly online newsletter which includes two pieces written by me and a handful of articles written by fabulous guest writers. If you are interested in having a read, you can sign up HERE! If you sign up before half nine tomorrow night you will also receive issue #6!

Feminism Up Issue 7.jpgTom has written about cat-calling; an article, I think, is interesting to read as it’s from a man’s perspective! I decided I wanted the Twitter movement, #MeToo (a hashtag that inspired so many to come forward with their experiences of sexual harassment), to feature somehow in a Feminism Up newsletter. I had a couple of entries from readers and asked a few friends if they wanted to get involved too. Eirlys, however, wrote a huge #MeToo that I could not cut down to a small paragraph. For this reason her #MeToo is its own article that precedes the #MeToo article. This piece includes small paragraphs of readers’ experiences with sexual harassment. They’re horrifying and showcase just how frequently sexual harassment takes place.

My first post is called “How to be Ladylike.” After hearing the word “ladylike” more often than usual in the last month or so, it inspired me to write a sarcastic “how to” article. Although tongue and cheek (I’ve personally had the word directed at me a lot over the years!), it highlights some really cutting truths about our society. Or at least, I like to think so. Since issue #7 falls in December, I wanted to review one of my favourite feminism-inspired books, Like a Girl by Barcella. I think it’s the perfect gift to sit under the Christmas tree and I tell readers why in this issue!

I am posting the issue #7 summary today instead of tomorrow as December first begins the start of Blogmas! I’m super excited to be taking part in the daily blogging challenge that encourages bloggers to post festive content all the way up until Christmas Eve/Day! So, in less than a day, Binging on Beetroot is about to get very festive!

Until then, Feminism Up! ❤

~ Kat ~

New York from my Favourite Points of View

When you only have to walk five steps outside of your hotel to see a show-stopping high-rise or take a subway to wonder around the magnificent Central Park, it’s easy to come across a hundred dollar views every day when you’re in New York. It’s not even unreasonable to seek for un-city-like views when you begin your adventure in The Big Apple. My favourite views were a mixture of sights from up high to sights from the ground. New York has a lot to offer and today I wanted to document my five favourite views in New York.

Empire State View Edit.jpg

Empire State Building

One of the most tourist-packed destinations in New York offers the most stunning view. The 360 degree view dances and sings; showing us New York is exactly what the movies say it is. Grand, busy and never lonely. I struggled to peel myself away from the windy deck when we knew it was time to leave. Lights glisten from down below and shout even louder as evening falls upon New York. The city that never sleeps; the city that never shuts down. And I’m very glad about that.


Central Park

We only got to explore a segment of the most famous park in the world, Central Park. What we did see, however, was incredible. From the remainder of autumn hanging on to New York with all of its might, to the skyline Central Park offers shyly, we made the most of our time at the beautiful Central Park. I’d have returned every single day if we had the time.


Manhattan Skyline

I couldn’t tear my eyes away from the Manhattan skyline on our journey from New York to Liberty Island. I was so happy to be reunited with it again once we stepped onto the island and had a wander around. The city of high-rises creates such a breathtaking view that you nearly forget you’re standing right next to the Statute of Liberty. Okay, not quite; she is beautiful.

Tarryn Times Square Edit

Times Square

We visited Times Square nearly every single day of our trip; more than once on most days. Despite spending so much time there, I felt like a child every time we stepped off of the subway and headed into the bright lights. Never ever quiet, Times Square will always be one of the best sights I’ve ever seen!


The Streets of New York

Although it is mostly swarms of yellow taxis, sirens and flashing lights, New York doesn’t showcase city everywhere you go. Sometimes you catch a sweet-looking corner hiding ever so slightly from the greatness of the city. These were the times that encouraged me to think about living in New York. A lot of city and a bit of quiet. Ah, New York!

Have you been to New York? What were your favourite sights?

~ Kat ~

19 Adventures in New York

As is obvious from the plethora of blog posts about New York recently, a couple of weeks ago I spent five days in The Big Apple with my friend, Tarryn. It was such an amazing holiday; fast-paced but unable to be any other speed when we may not ever return. *Looks sadly ahead.* We’d often proclaim that we may as well be locals; hopping on and off of the subway quickly and blending easily into the city crowds. I think we really experienced a proper New York adventure and I’ve outlined nineteen (nineteen because it’s the name of one of Tegan and Sara’s most popular songs- the reason why we went to New York in the first place) ways in which we did below.

me new york2I lived like a New Yorker/a tourist in New York by…

  1. Drinking Bud in a bar
  2. Seeing a show
  3. Eating cheesecake in Times Square
  4. Getting in a yellow taxi
  5. Walking routes instead of catching the Subway
  6. (Briefly) watching some NFL
  7. Experiencing the bitter cold of New York City
  8. Seeing the city become brighter as night fell from the top of the Empire State Building
  9. Walking aimlessly around Central Park
  10. Drinking a Manhattan Cocktail
  11. Finishing an evening in a very American bar
  12. Becoming a lover of Laffy Taffy
  13. Becoming a fan of Jolly Ranchers
  14. Eating a beef burger and fries
  15. Eating macaroni and cheese
  16. Picking up a slice of pizza from Sbarro
  17. Loving and hating the busyness of the city
  18. Thinking every building was the block of flats featured in Friends
  19. Going to Macy’s (and feeling entirely overwhelmed by the experience)

It’s easy to picture yourself living in New York when you’re wondering around, thinking you look like a local despite sporting a rucksack and a camera. It’s been nearly two weeks since we’ve arrived home but I still feel holiday blues when I flick through photos and remember the view from the top of the Empire State Building. There really is no place like New York!

~ Kat ~

Why You Should Travel with a Friend

A couple of weeks ago I spent five days in New York City with my best friend, Tarryn. Travelling with a friend is something that seems to be underrated. When we’re younger we often holiday and explore the world with our families. When we’re a little older we may still get on a plane with a families and/or our partner. I’m here to tell you why going on an adventure abroad with a good friend could just make for a brilliantly memorable trip.


A different kind of experience

I think when you travel with your family or your partner, your intentions are different to when you travel with a friend. And for good reason! When you travel with a friend, you’ll experience an entirely different kind of holiday. You know what your kind of family holiday looks like; maybe it’s museum trips, card games and early dinners. Maybe with your partner a holiday is early mornings, beer in the afternoon and slightly more expensive dinners. All of these things are great but, with your friend, your holiday will look a little different. For Tarryn and me, our city break was early nights when needed, quick and spontaneous decisions and a lot of selfies.

New experiences

Maybe you’re used to going on holiday with your family to see and experience particular things. Perhaps your holiday is guided by activities each member of your family chooses. When you’re travelling with your friend, you’re likely going to experience things you’ve never done before or things you wouldn’t even think of doing. I, for example, went to a concert on holiday- which I’ve never done before. A concert of a band I never listened to and now really enjoy. Tarryn saw a theatre show with me; my thing rather than hers!


A unique adventure

You’re sort of expected to holiday with your family and partner. It’s not as “part of the contract” to holiday with your friends. I think, for this reason, this will sprinkle a little special over your holiday. Maybe you’ll never holiday with this friend again (not because it’s terrible) and so every day will feel a little novel.

Lots of laughter

Holidays can be tense times for families and partners. They’re hopefully more fun than stressful but you’re unlikely to bicker with your friend- especially as having any arguments with your friend on holiday is more likely to break a holiday than an argument with your family or partner would. This unwritten acknowledgement that you kind of shouldn’t annoy each other ensures lots of laughter, chatter and a good time with your best pal.


A sense of independence

You’re maybe used to travelling with your family and able to trust your partner to help you resolve any holiday problems. When you travel with your friend you need to be on the ball. It’s a coming of age adventure, almost. And trust me, you’ll feel a huge sense of achievement when things go smoothly or you overcome mishaps! (Tarryn and I high-fived a lot on the first day, simply for checking in and getting on the plane successfully. It’s the little things.)

More than any of the reasons above, travelling with a friend is a fabulously unique kind of experience because you get to spend days with someone who you normally only get to spend a few hours with! I more than recommend organising some kind of trip with a friend. New York with Tarryn was far too much fun and I have a feeling we’ll be chatting about our five days together for the next forever.

~ Kat ~

The Fourth Day | New York, New York

Last Saturday was mine and Tarryn’s final full day in New York. The city that’s so nice they named it twice. It was still chilly in The Big Apple but not quite as biting as the previous day. We had pre-booked tickets for the Ellis Island ferry and so we hopped on the Subway and, within no time, we were staring at the beautiful Statue of Liberty, towering above us tourists. Freedom and the American Dream was in the air on day four and it was a pretty sweet taste.

IMG_5309.JPGIMG_5237IMG_5257.JPGIMG_5293The ferry to Liberty Island is brief and brilliant as you wave goodbye to the Manhattan skyline for a little while and say hello to the most iconic statute in the whole world. Unfortunately my camera lens was a little icky on Saturday and I didn’t realise until after (hence the slightly shoddy pictures when you look closely!). Liberty, however, is far too glamorous to not share because of a silly splotch. The Statute of Liberty is traffic-stopping and awe-inspiring and anything and everything you’ve ever heard that it is. More than anything, she is BIG.

IMG_5301IMG_5306It was hard not to be pulled back towards the Manhattan skyline, sitting proudly across the water. The word “impressive” seems like an understatement and it felt even more special with a blue sky watching over it. New York quite literally stands tall against the evil it has previously experienced and you can feel this wherever you are in the city. The skyline really does take your breath away while you remember what a special city you are in.

IMG_5314.JPGmanhan.jpgIMG_5321.JPGAfter posing for photos and getting a good look at the statute, we were back on the ferry again and heading to Ellis Island. I felt an intense atmosphere almost as soon as we stepped off of the boat; Ellis Island was once where immigrants would travel to. They would take on treacherous journeys in the hope that they would soon be living their very own American dream. The museum was informative and extensive and it really allows for museum-goers to imagine what Ellis Island would have been like a hundred or so years ago.

IMG_5368.JPGIMG_5369.JPGIMG_5384.JPGOur evening started with a pizza by Brooklyn Bridge before we had a chilled out look around local shops. We slowly walked around Wall Street and spent our final evening with a bright yellow pineapple cocktail in a restaurant and bar by our hotel. We opted for an early night, waking up to half a day left. We went back to our favourite place, Times Square, dropping some dollar until we had to head home. Boo!

New York is as dreamy as they say. It’s busy and awake and never boring and it was an amazing trip. While I’d love to return one day, I may not and I’m happy with the maybe once in a lifetime trip I had last week. I totally recommend Chelsea’s City Room Hotel- the rooms were perfect for us, despite the hotel being really quite hot. The staff were super helpful and it’s in a really accessible location. I must also add that Virgin Atlantic made for a very comfortable and easy journey to New York. Our whole city break was smooth and easy and I’ll be wanting to travel back in time and experience it again for the rest of my life!

Goodbye New York. ❤

~ Kat ~

P.S. I have written about day one, day two, day three and our awesome theatre trip!